#25 Luna Made

Lucy is another talented WAHM (work at home mum) who has turned her love of cloth nappies into a business. Listen to hear how it all started with a nappy made from a bedsheet!

#23 Dealing with a Heavy Wetter

At some point most babies go through a stage of heavy wetting, this can be challenging to deal with. On this episode I’m joined by Katrina, a fellow cloth bum parent, to talk about her experiences with her very heavy wetting boy.

#20 Posie’s Not Sposies

Sasha is a cloth bum mum herself. Unable to find nappies to meet her daughter’s requirements, she started making her own. With the support from her parents, she now makes and sells nappies to other parents.

#19 Green Cheeks

On this episode I’m joined by Lianne, owner of Green Cheeks. She has worked hard to create a nappy that is affordable but made with high quality materials. Lianne also talks about her own cloth journey – which definitely got off to a tricky start!

#18 Lighthouse Kids

On this episode I talk to Vanessa, the owner of Lighthouse Kids. She shares her mission to cut down on unnecessary plastic packaging. And how she aims to build a global community to support parents on their cloth journeys.

#16 Eco living on a budget

All these eco swaps are great, cloth nappies, zero waste kitchen, plastic free bathroom. But it all seems so expensive. How can you work towards a more sustainable lifestyle in an affordable way? Chrissie explains how being eco doesn’t have to be expensive.

#13 Ma.Botts

Meet Christine, a mum of two who started making her own nappies after not being able to find the features she wanted in a nappy. She’s turned her quest for a nappy she truly loves, into a business which she truly loves.

#9 Kijani

A fascinating episode with Valerie from Ugandan social enterprise, Kijani. We hear about the talented group of women who make Kijani’s nappies, and what it’s like to use cloth and disposable nappies in Uganda. Valerie also explains how her business supports and empowers women, changing outcomes for their families.

#8 The Nappy Lady

Like many cloth nappy-using parents, I started my journey after completing The Nappy Lady questionnaire. I’ve also reached out to their advice service when I needed some support. So, in this episode I chat to Gemma to find out what goes on behind the scenes with all those questionnaires and emails we send.

#4 Hippynut

On this episode I chat to Kat from Hippynut about how she worked with her customers to develop the design of her nappy and the giveback Hippynut does. Plus I manage to find out what her favourite print is.