Bebeboo Grow

The Bebeboo Grow is a trainer / pull-up nappy. Bebeboo also offer an Ai2/pocket nappy, Choice, and a wrap, Flex, both of which I have reviewed previously. All Bebeboo products are CPSIA-certified, which is a US independent safety certification for baby products.

The Grow retails for around £14. Like all Bebeboo products it is sold without any inserts/boosters to keep the price point lower. This also allows you to use items you may already have which is more environmentally friendly too. Bebeboo do offer two inserts though, the Fold (which I cover below) and a bamboo insert set which I talk about in my Choice review.

The Grow is a PUL outer with stretchy side tabs. It has a popper fastening, but these poppers are located on the hips rather than the front. There are three columns of rise poppers, my preferred option as it helps hold the nappy’s shape better, but this is even more important on a pull-up design as the rise poppers will be under more stress when the nappy is pulled up.

Bebeboo Grow.

In order to make the Grow fit and feel more like underwear there is a small piece of tummy elastic at the front, and a wider strip of elastic at the back. I prefer having wider elastic at the back as I think it is more comfortable for my boy. Both the waist and leg elastics are gentle on the skin.

Back of the nappy.

The side-snap fastening gives you three poppers on the back of the tab, with two on the front. The tab itself is connected to the back set of poppers, and then the waist adjusted by selecting the appropriate set of front poppers. As the tabs are stretchy it really helps it to be pulled up.

By having a pull up that can be undone at the hips will make changes much easier if you baby has dirtied the nappy. With a standard pull up it can be difficult to remove the nappy without making a mess on the legs. But with these poppers you can lie you baby down and change like a normal nappy if you need to.

Side-snap stretchy tabs.

If you want to use the Grow as a pull up nappy, rather than the training pants it is designed to be, and you happen to be using the nappy on the smallest or middle waist setting. Then you will find the excess tab fabric is at the front of the nappy. If your baby is a front wetter then over time these tabs can become damp and potentially wick outside of the PUL shell and onto the hip area.

I have however come up with a little hack for this. You can fastened the front poppers onto the last poppers on the front of the tab, but tighten by fastening the back set of poppers on the nappy further forwards on the tab. As there are only two columns of poppers on the tab, and three on the shell you just skip the middle popper (see photo below). Once on this doesn’t affect the fit for us, and removes the tabs from the front of the nappy.

Tab hack.

Inside the shell is lined with a single layer of bamboo:cotton (60:40). This means your baby will feel damp if they wet the nappy. This is a deliberate design as that feeling of wetness assists toilet training. If you want to use this on a younger baby who is not ready for toilet training then you can simply add a fleece liner to create a stay-dry layer.

Inside the Grow.

The Grow is designed to catch small accidents rather than a full wee. But it does have a pocket opening at the back. As I mentioned above it is sold without any additional inserts or boosters, but the pocket allows you to add any absorbency you already have if you wanted to boost this to use as a normal nappy, or for car journeys / naps etc.

If you are looking to purchase additional absorbency then the Bebeboo Fold has been designed to compliment the Grow. It is also made from bamboo:cotton (60:40) and laid flat it is 3 layers. The Fold is a prefold/flat which means it dries much faster than a thicker insert. It can be used either folded in half or thirds lengthways. I personally prefer thirds as it gives me an extra layer of absorbency in the wet zone, and helps keep the trim shape between the legs which I love. The Fold retails for around £8.

Grow and Fold.

Overall I think this is a good pull up nappy or training pants option. We get a good fit with the nappy and I love how customisable the absorbency is. Buying the Grow and Fold is around £22 which is the top end I would expect to spend on a nappy, but this is entirely optional as you can buy the shell alone and use absorbency than you already own (even flannels and tea towels can make great inserts!).

The potential for the tabs to wick is only an issue if you want to use this as a nappy rather than training pants, and would only impact on certain size settings anyway. Plus you have my handy hack to overcome that anyway.

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Bebeboo Grow review.