BubbleBubs B.I.G.

BubbleBubs B.I.G.

The BubbleBubs BIG is a shaped nappy. It forms the absorbent part of a two-part system, meaning you will also need a wrap over this. For a two-part system it is very slim indeed.

Remarkably it is birth to potty sized nappy despite not having the familiar rise poppers. The leg elastics somehow seem to grow with your baby even though they are very soft and don’t leave sock marks.

Soft leg elastics.

The nappy requires a nippa to fasten it. It doesn’t come with one so this is something else you’ll need to purchase. Although this can appear to be slightly more complex they are very simple to use once you’ve tried. The added advantage is that the width of the nappy is infinitely adjustable to fit your baby.

Nappy nippa.

The BIG is made from bamboo which I’m not a particular fan of. However it does make this nappy very soft, even after multiple washes in hard water it is far softer than my cotton nappies. There are two layers of bamboo, and you also get a separate bamboo booster which you can fold to put the absorbency right where you need it. I do find the booster shape rather odd though. Personally I would have preferred a normal oblong shape so I didn’t need to fold it.

Nappy and booster.

The inside of the nappy is still bamboo, there isn’t any stay dry layer. So you will need to add a fleece liner to keep your baby dry.

My main issue with this nappy is the nippa fastening. If you use the nappy on its own then where the nippa grips between the legs you can feel the teeth on the inside. This isn’t a problem on the waist as the tabs overlapping the nappy create enough layers, but the front only has the two layers which is insufficient. Sadly I won’t use this nappy for this reason, I don’t want my baby to be uncomfortable.

I do think this is an expensive nappy for what it is. Especially once you’ve added on a couple of nippas and some fleece liners. Yes it is a birth to potty but there are many other options available which come ready to use.

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BubbleBubs BIG review.