Ella’s House Bumhugger

The Ella’s House Bumhugger is primarily designed to be a night nappy. They also make the Bumslender which is aimed at daytime use but I’ve not used that personally. The Bumhugger is a shaped nappy so it can be fastened straight onto your baby without any folding. It is available in both a popper and velcro fastening. You will need a waterproof wrap over the top. It is a sized nappy so you will need multiple sizes to go from birth to potty, it comes in small (6-15lbs), large (15-40lbs) and extra large (35lbs+) sizes, the one pictured is the extra large. It retails for around £13.

Ella’ House Bumhugger

The nappy is made from a highy absorbent hemp and cotton blend (55:45), perfect for night time. The packaging states that you will need 3-5 prewashes to reach maximum absorbency, I would suggest this is probably closer to 8-10 washes. But you can use the nappy before then, just add an extra booster and see how you go.

There are two rows of waist poppers which helps the nappy fit really nicely and without wing-drop. There is also an overlap popper for the waist (note the third popper on the inside of the left tab below, and the single popper on the outside of the tab above). I’m not sure how much use an overlap popper is the on the extra large but it’s nice to have the option.

Popper fastening.

The Bumhugger is very narrow between the legs, which I really like. And for a night nappy it really incredibly slim. The leg elastics are frilled and very gentle on the legs, not leaving any sock marks. I’ve been unable to test the containment as my baby very rarely dirties his night nappy now, but the leg elastics do seem good so I’ve no reason not to expect this to perform well.

Frilled leg elastics.

The inside is fully fleece lined with a soft fleece. This has remained soft after multiple washes, although the outside of the nappy has become a little stiffer in my hard water. This is the cream interior, Ella’s House do offer a range of brightly coloured fleeces if you prefer.

Fully fleece lined, cream interior.

The Bumhugger has an absorbent tongue attached to the nappy. By allowing this to be pulled out it does speed up drying time, but this is not a quick drying nappy and it doesn’t pretend to be either.

Attached tongue for added absorbency.

The tongue is designed to be pushed back inside the pocket opening at the front. Although the tongue is very narrow it is difficult to stuff it back inside the nappy. I do have a little technique which is show in my video below. If you have a boy you may wish to consider folding the tongue in half before putting into the pocket, this helps as you don’t need to get it through the narrowest point between the legs. The pocket can also be used to add any additional boosters if you wish, the actual opening is a good size.

The difficulty with the tongue is the only negative point I really have to say about this nappy. However I have found a little work around if you are struggling to stuff it back in. You can leave the tongue unstuffed, fasten the nappy as normal, and then have the tongue on the outside between the nappy and wrap. This will provide the same level as absorbency and work either folded at the front as shown, or laid flat so it goes right to the back of the nappy.

Tongue on outside of nappy.

As always with two-parters you can add extra boosters between the nappy and wrap, as well as in the pocket in this case (or even both if you need it!).

Overall I’ve been really impressed with this nappy. It’s fairly slim fitting for a night nappy, and has very impressive absorbency thanks to the thirsty hemp. The fleece lining is lovely and soft, and the leg elastics gentle. It will work out more expensive than a birth to potty nappy, but for us we’ve successfully gone into the extra large well under the weight range because our current birth to potty night nappies just aren’t absorbent enough any more. It has been a really good investment and one I would recommend.

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Ella’s House Bumhugger review.