Affordable pockets

If you’re looking for an affordable way to increase your stash then pocket nappies are a great solution.

Bear Bott pocket in Wildflowers.

Look for pockets, like the above from Bear Bott, where you can buy the pocket without inserts, and/or extra sets of inserts separately. 

Pocket shells dry extremely quickly, but inserts can take their time. By having a few extra sets it means you can skip the drying time and get the nappy back on quicker by using the spare set of inserts. Of course using your shells more intensely increases the wear and tear, but nappies are there to be used!

It is also often cheaper if you buy the pocket shells only, without the inserts. Allowing you to use inserts you already have, or add some more affordable options (like prefolds). Using what you already have rather than buying new is also better for the planet.

Buying extra, good quality inserts, or using something like prefolds as inserts does not mean you need to sacrifice performance in exchange for affordability.