The different types of nappies

There is so much jargon when you start looking into cloth nappies. What are all those different types? How do they differ? Try not to get too caught up in trying to understand which is which – they all do the same job!

Blueberry Simplex in Pirate’s Booty.

Here are the main types of cloth nappies. I’ve covered each in more detail on their respective pages (click the links to take a look). But in summary:

  • All in one (AIO). A waterproof PUL outer with the absorbent part sewn in.
  • All in two (Ai2). A waterproof PUL outer with a separate absorbent part. The absorbent part will normally popper onto the outer.
  • Pocket nappy. A waterproof PUL out with a stay-dry liner sewn in. There will be a pocket opening at one (or sometimes both) ends. Comes with a separate absorbent part which you put inside the pocket opening.
  • Two-parter. A separate waterproof outer (sometimes PUL, sometimes wool). With a separate absorbent part (sometimes a shaped nappy, sometimes a flat – think terries). Most commonly used overnight.