Blueberry Diapers Deluxe

The Deluxe is Blueberry Diapers’ pocket nappy. It is only available in birth to potty size. I find this an average to large length wise, so good for taller babies too.

Blueberry Diapers Deluxe.

It’s a very well made pocket nappy. There are three columns of rise poppers which helps hold the nappy shape on the smaller rises. It comes in a popper waist fastening only. I do find the poppers very stiff to undone, even after months of use so something to consider if who changes the nappies has problems with their hands.

The PUL outer is very soft. The elastics on the legs and back of waist are strong enough for good containment but also comfortable. I’ve never had a leak from this nappy and yet it barely leaves a sock mark.

Deluxe leg elastics.

Inside is fully fleece lined. The fleece is very soft, even in my hard water and is pretty stain resistant.

Inside the Deluxe.

With the Deluxe you get two organic cotton inserts. This helps take the sting out of what is an expensive pocket nappy. One insert is ‘newborn’ sized. This is shorter, slightly narrower and a little bit less absorbent. That said I don’t really notice the difference in absorbency and tend to use them interchangeably so I don’t need to wait as long for the nappy to dry. I also use the newborn insert successfully in other pocket nappies.

Deluxe inserts.

The pocket opening is a good size, my husband often struggles to stuff pockets due to the small size but this is one of the biggest we have. There is no elastic on the fleece part, only the PUL. This does make the inside look slightly messy but this obviously isn’t seen once on and actually the fleece lies nice and flat when smoothed down.

Pocket opening.

To use the inserts I fold them differently to accommodate their slightly different lengths. If I’m using the newborn insert I simply fold it in half and stuff in. This is a good length for the nappy. For the longer insert I fold it into thirds, making sure the three layers are at the front. This does mean there isn’t any insert towards the back of the nappy but as I have a boy this doesn’t matter. For a girl I’d fold in thirds but lengthen pit and position the three layers towards the middle. This will then give absorbency throughout the nappy but concentrated in the middle. If your baby is a very heavy wetter then you could combine the two inserts for even more absorbency.

This is a very expensive pocket nappy. Retailing for a similar price as some of the more expensive all in ones. But I do really like it. It’s the only pocket I don’t have to boost or swap out the inserts for something else. So at least the price you pay gets you a nappy that is complete.

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Blueberry Deluxe review.