Fleece liners

Fleece liners are a great way to help you remove solids from nappies, and create a stay-dry layer on nappies which don’t already have one. Unlike their disposable counterparts they can be washed and reused thousands of times. Making them a more sustainable option.

(l-r) Bear Bott, Close Parent, Bambinex.

Solids tend not to ‘stick’ to fleece as well as a natural fibre, which is one reason why a fleece liner can make removing solids a bit easier. It also gives you more options, for example you can hold a fleece liner in your toilet bowl and flush the toilet which should wash off any solids. That just wouldn’t work with an entire nappy because they’re too big.

The downside of fleece is that it is a synthetic fibre. Meaning it will release micro plastics when washed. But they are still more sustainable than disposable liners – and using any liner with a cloth nappy is much, much more sustainable than using a disposable nappy.

Having now tried a handful of different brands of fleece liners, I have now linked my thoughts on some popular options from this page (Eco products > Fleece liners > select brand).