The absorbency

Inserts (and boosters) are the most important part of your nappy.

Often overlooked in favour of pretty prints, it’s the insert (the absorbent part) that does the majority of the work in a nappy. This is really the area to focus on.

Inserts don’t need to be pretty. Fancy stitching, cute labels and novel colours don’t add performance. And you’re the only person that sees them anyway.

Inserts don’t even need to be ‘proper’ inserts, just look at my alternative inserts guide. Investing in inserts will give you a more reliable stash. But investing doesn’t necessarily mean spending. Take a look at what you already own. And don’t shun something just because its not Insta-worthy.

Inserts don’t need to be in perfect condition to do their job. Look at this slightly tatty but perfectly functional booster.

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