Nappy Noos

Nappy Noos make a pocket nappy (which the call is Pookit) it retails for around £17, although there are bundle deals available to bring the individual price down a little.

All the nappies are only available with a popper waist fastening, with an overlap tab and a hip stability popper. The rise poppers are in three columns which I prefer as it helps hold the nappy’s shape. This nappy is rather wide between the legs so definitely needs that third column. The elastics are gentle and offer good containment.

Nappy Noos Pookit nappy

The waist panel itself is more bulky than I am used to. This is due to the fleece lining being quite thick, and because the insert goes right up to the very front of the nappy. The tabs are fairly elongated and there is a good range of poppers on the waist panel. This gives a lot of sizing options. The nappy is on the more generous end of BTP so whilst it should comfortably until potty training you may struggle to get a good fit on a smaller baby.

Waist poppers,

Inside is fully lined with a very soft fleece, although as I have mentioned it is a thick fleece. This will provide your baby with a stay-dry layer so there is no need to add additional liners if you don’t want to. There is an internal double gusset which I dislike as it makes removing solids more difficult, but I know many people prefer them.

Inside the Nappy Noos.

It has both a front and back pocket opening. The front has a PUL tummy panel to help prevent leaks. I did find the nappy more difficult to fit on the smallest rise because the insert felt right at the very front of the nappy, but we didn’t get any leaks because of the tummy panel. That said I don’t like front opening pockets as I always find the front flap will creep out of the waist, and whilst it won’t cause leaks being PUL it does annoy me.

Front and back pocket openings.

You get two inserts with the nappy. A smaller booster (3 layers of microfibre, 2 layers of bamboo), and a larger hemp insert (presumably hemp:cotton, 4 layers). The hemp insert can be attached to the shell using the single popper. This will stop the insert creeping out of the front of the nappy. So whilst it does feel very forwards / in the waistband area as long as it is secured it won’t slip forwards. The smaller booster attaches to the hemp insert using the double poppers. There are two popper options so you can place the booster into your baby’s wet zone.

I wouldn’t recommend using the smaller booster on its own as it is very narrow in the wide pocket and I feel it would move around and cause leaks. I also wouldn’t recommend using this nappy as anything but a pocket nappy. Some pocket nappies with poppers to secure inserts (such as this) allows you to use the nappy as a hybrid Ai2, so rather than stuff the inserts you simply lay flat into the shell. But in this case the microfibre insert would be against your baby’s skin (which causes irritation), whilst you could add a fleece liner to cover the microfibre I would just stuff the inserts and use as intended.

The absorbency of both inserts is very good. Whilst there is space in the pocket for additional boosters we didn’t need to boost even though I was using this during my baby’s heavy wetting stage.

Inserts and popper to secure to shell.

Overall I think the absorbency of this nappy is very good, but the shell has a number of design features which I personal don’t like.

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Nappy Noos review.