Blueberry Diapers Simplex

The Simplex is the all in one (AIO) nappy from Blueberry Diapers. It is birth to potty sized and a newborn version is also available. Both versions are only available with a popper-fastening.

This review is focused solely on the birth to potty version. It retails for around £27 making it one of the most expensive AIOs. Blueberry have a very large range of prints, but their offering of ‘current’ prints is fairly small. They do however bring back past prints so worth keeping an eye out if there is something you’re after. For this reason it’s also not worth paying over the odds for a discontinued print as it may just come back.

Blueberry Diapers Simplex.

The outside of the nappy is a soft PUL. It is a very slim nappy. There are three columns of rise poppers which I prefer as it holds the shape of the nappy better when in the smaller settings. The waist poppers are staggered, meaning the two rows are not directly in line vertically. This makes it easier to adjust the leg and waist size differently. There are no overlap poppers on the tabs though.

Simplex rise and waist poppers.

The leg elastics are rolled. So first it appears that the inner cotton of the nappy is poking out of the leg holes and will cause leaks. But actually this isn’t the case at all. After fitting the nappy you just need to quickly double-check that the elastics have rolled in correctly. As long as that’s happened the PUL will perfectly cover the inner and you shouldn’t get leaks. The leg elastics are probably my favourite part of the nappy. They are really effective but also so gentle. They barely leave even the lightest sock marks on my baby’s legs.

Simplex leg elastics.

Inside the nappy is made up of multiple layers of organic cotton. This will give the inner an off-white/cream appearance. It does whiten after multiple washes but it will never be a bright white simply because it’s unbleached – this is much better for the environment. I really like cotton. It’s an underrated fabric. Natural, very absorbent and the quickest absorber – quickly that microfibre which can suffer from run-off.

Simplex inside.

The cotton is not stay-dry, so your baby will feel wet unless you add a liner. However Blueberry has also provided an alternative solution. There is a tongue fixed to the nappy. This is made of multiple layers of cotton to act as a booster, but one side is fleece-topped so that can become your stay-dry layer if desired.

Simplex fleece-topped tongue laid flat.

The tongue can either be laid flat inside the nappy, full length for girls or folded in half at the front for boys. Or stuffed inside the nappy, and again folded if needed. Both ends of the nappy open for easy stuffing. I do like the idea of the tongue but in reality it’s just annoying. I’d much rather the nappy was just fleece-lined properly and the tongue could be stuffed inside either folded or flat. The tongue isn’t the full width of the nappy so without liner your baby will still feel damp around the legs. It is also too long when laid flat if the nappy isn’t on the biggest rise – you can overcome this by tucking the excess length into the back pocket opening.

Simplex fleece-topped tongue in boy-fold.

Despite the nappy being cotton it isn’t absorbent enough for my heavy wetter so I do need to boost. The Simplex is rather narrow between the legs, which I like because I think it looks more comfortable. But that does mean you’ll need a narrow booster. Fortunately my go-to boosters (Easy Peasy hemp) are narrow and fit perfectly.

I push the booster into the pocket but make sure it is a little bit further down than a normally would as they have a tendency to push upwards when fastening for some reason. To help prevent the booster coming out I also tuck it under the PUL tummy panel. The tummy panel isn’t hemmed which although a very small point is frustrating on such an expensive nappy.

Simplex with hemp booster tucked under PUL tummy panel.

In summary I do like this nappy. I have several of them in my stash. They are slim, even when boosted and look very comfortable. It’s frustrating having to boost the nappy, adding a couple of extra pounds onto the cost really, but I appreciate that boosting will not be the case for everyone. I love the cotton interior, and the fact that it’s organic cotton is even better. The tongue is a good idea in that you can customise where you place the additional absorbency, but I do wish the nappy was properly fleece-lined. It is an expensive nappy and for that reason I’m resisting adding more to my stash but I am very happy with the ones I have.

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Blueberry Diapers Simplex.