Magabi Easyme

Magabi are a Polish brand, and the Easyme is their Ai2. The nappies are made in the EU and all the materials are sourced in the EU as well. It is also OEKO-TEX certified. The nappy is priced around £15-18 depending on the size.

Unlike most cloth nappies the Easyme has been designed to mirror the sizing system used by disposable nappy brands. It is available in four sizes covering around 2.5-16kgs. We were sent the size 5 which is up to 16kgs, and although my toddler is right at the very top of the size limit I actually found this was a lovely fit on him. It has that ‘pants style’ fit which I really like. It is both short in the length and narrow between the legs, both of which are attributes I look for.

However, with the sizing system designed to mirror disposable nappies I do think that if you are used to the fit of a disposable (which normally are extremely long in the length) then you would find this very short. I worry this will make some people feel the nappy is too small, although it isn’t.


The PUL outer is very soft and is a double-layer for added leak protection. It is also made from recycled PUL which I always think is fantastic. The leg elastics are rolled, again something I love. They are very gentle on the legs but offer good containment. With both inserts in the nappy it is still slim.

Easyme rolled leg elastics

It has a velcro fastening, perfect for people looking to switch to cloth from disposables. The velcro has remained sticky and the waist panel is very soft. However a small amount of wear is beginning to show on the laundry tabs and waist panel. I am potentially concerned about the longevity of the velcro, but then as the nappy is sized it will not get the same level as usage that a normal birth to potty nappy would.

As it is sized there are no rise poppers on the front. To a certain extent the leg elastics allow the nappy to grow with your baby. This makes it look more straightforward to those not familiar with cloth.

Easyme velcro fastening.

The nappy comes with two inserts, also sized like the shell. A larger anchor one with a popper at the front and rear to enable it to be attached to the shell. Plus another popper to attach the booster if needed. The anchor can only be laid with the wider part at the back due to the width of the shell at the front.

You can purchase the inserts separately which is a more affordable way to bulk out your stash. The shell is PUL inside so can be wiped clean (if not soiled) and re-used around 4 times.

I struggled to find information on the composition of the inserts. Piecing together the information on Magabi’s website, along with the care label I believe that both inserts have a bamboo:cotton (80:20) outer. The anchor feels like 5 layers in total, the booster 3 layers. The inner layers are made from Evolon which is essentially a microfibre produced in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Easyme inserts.

The nappy does not have a stay-dry layer so you’ll need to add a fleece liner if you don’t want you baby to feel damp. I find the absorbency good for my average-wetting toddler, we haven’t needed to boost the nappy.

Inside the Easyme.

This is a good entry-level nappy for those looking to try cloth. Without the rise poppers, and with the velcro waist it looks very welcoming. However for the more experienced cloth nappy user the simplicity offered is unlikely to be needed, and if needing more than one size it is a very expensive option.

If you have, or are planning to have, multiple children in cloth then the sizing system is more beneficial as you would need a larger stash to accommodate multiple child. Using nappies for shorter periods of time will reduce the wear and tear on them. But if you have only one child in cloth then the benefits are lessened.

I would have liked there to be a size 6 / size 6+ as well, which disposables do offer. It is not unusual for children to potty train after 16kgs and would give an option for toddlers.

The biggest drawback of this nappy is the cost. If you were to purchase 12 nappies in each of the four sizes that could be around £800 and even then you’d need night nappies as well.

However the design of the nappy is good and it has a lot of features I look for, so I would recommend this as perhaps a first cloth nappy if you want to try a couple, but not for a full stash.

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