Beginners guide

New to cloth? Don’t worry! We all start somewhere. I started 2018 having never used a cloth nappy, yet a year later I started providing help and guidance to others, and have reviewed dozens of nappies.

New to cloth?

There’s so much terminology to get your head around, and I’m definitely guilty of dropping into jargon all too often. Let’s get right down to basics. A cloth nappy is made of an absorbent part to soak up wee. A waterproof cover to stop the soggy fabric getting everything else soggy. And elasticated edges to contain the poo inside the nappy. Here’s some more information if you’re ready to delve a bit deeper into the parts and types of a cloth nappy system.

But which nappy should you choose I hear you ask? Well isn’t that the question. I’ve written another post on finding the right brand. If you’re ready to take the plunge into night nappies as well then take a little look at that page too.

Using cloth nappies

Now you’ve got your shiny new nappies you want to use them and care for them. Here’s a few more posts to help you on your journey:

  • How often to change?
  • Firstly make sure your washing routine is on point. I remember being so afraid of this but it really isn’t difficult. If you’d like a guide then check mine out.
  • Sometimes problems happen. You are not alone, everyone has a little blip. Mine was absorbency issues at night around the 4-month sleep regression, but like all parenting issues you adapt and overcome (in this case – boost, boost, boost!). Here’s a guide to some common issues.

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