Bambino Mio Baby & Beyond change bag

The Baby & Beyond change bag is the only bag I’ve come across which is specifically designed for cloth nappy users. Although that said it is perfectly well suited for disposable nappies too. It retails for a rather expensive £80.

Baby & Beyond change bag.

It currently comes in two colour options. The navy pictured which has the Humingbird print lining in the messy pocket. And a charcoal grey which has the pink ladybird print lining.

Messy pocket and drawstring bag.

Outside there are a number of strap options. A small simple hanging loop on the top. Two shoulder-straps with a little clip to hold them together. I do find the straps two short to be able to slide my elbow through and swing the bag onto my shoulder all with one hand. I’m normally holding the baby so this is a bit annoying as I rarely have two hands free. There are two little plastic loops on the top which clip onto some Velcro straps to hang from your pushchair. The Velcro straps can be left on the pushchair so this is quick to do each time. And finally the bag also has adjustable rucksack straps. But if you don’t want to use these they can be tucked into the back pocket.

Rucksack straps and storage pocket.

There are also a good number of exterior pockets. I’ll list each for simplicity:

  • Front zip pocket, I call this my ‘mummy pocket’. It has two pen holders and two pockets for your purse/phone etc. Plus a bit of space for any other items.
  • Above that is a slip pocket which has a simple concealed magnetic snap. This pocket goes the full depth of the bag.
  • And right at the top is a small zip pocket. Perfect for snacks.
  • On the left side is an insulated pocket. This is great for holding a drinks cup or bottle. However it will only fit one bottle so less ideal for younger bottle-fed babies who are likely to need more than one feed when out.
  • On the right is the ‘messy pocket’ which is what makes this bag stand out for cloth users. With the bag you get a little drawstring bag to keep dirty nappies in within this pocket. You wouldn’t want to put nappies in without using a bag first as the lining cannot to removed to be washed. The drawstring bag is not a wet bag however and not waterproof. If you’re going to roll up your dirty nappies then it will suffice, but for two-parters for example where the actual nappy is wet this won’t work. Either way you’re best off using a normal wet bag and it is frustrating it didn’t just come with one in the first place. Also despite the marketing images Miosolo nappies don’t actually fit into the pocket particularly well. I have to roll them up otherwise they are too long for the pocket, even on the smallest rise.
  • Finally there the back pocket that holds the rucksack straps. Even with the straps stored there is a bit of space for other items. As it’s back of the bag it’s especially well suited to items such as books.
Exterior front pockets.

The outside fabric of the bag is really hard-wearing. I’ve had mine for around 15 months and used it almost daily. It still shows very few signs of wear. The top of the bag opens with a large zip.

Inside there are yet more pockets to organise yourself:

  • At the front of the inside is a zip pocket which is about half the depth of the bag.
  • In front of that is a full-depth pocket with a Velcro closure. Be careful the Velcro doesn’t catch on your stuff.
  • On one side the messy pocket takes up about half of the base of the bag. Although there is a bit of space above that for loose items.
  • On the other side is an elasticated pocket which fits the standard Bambino Mio change mat perfectly. Although other change mats do also fit nicely.
  • At the back of the interior are two elasticated little pockets to keep small items in. A folded muslin works well for example.
  • There is also a clip for dummy/keys.
  • There is still a decent amount of space left to keep other bits you might need as well.
Interior of bag.

The bag doesn’t come with its own change mat. That needs to be purchased separately. A standard Bambino Mio change mat is about £12 – not that you need one of these, any change mat that can be folded or rolled will be fine.

There is also a matching ‘grab and go’ change wallet for the bag (available in both colour options). This is another £26. It slots into the back of the bag where the rucksack straps are kept. The wallet folds out into a change mat but also has pockets for a nappy and wipes. However as well as being quite expensive the wallet is not machine washable and therefore not well suited for me as I like to wash my change mat after it has been on a public change table.

Overall the bag is well-made. Mine is still pretty much as good as new. It will certainly last until my baby is out of nappies, and for another child too. But the price point is high. If it came with a simple change mat and wet bag it would represent better value for money. As it is I’d really suggest shopping around or looking for a discount code/sale before buying if you can.

You can see this review, and many others on my YouTube channel.

Baby and Beyond change bag review.