Smart Bottoms 2.0 Dream

Smart Bottoms are a US brand who also make all of their nappies in the US. The 2.0 is an all in one nappy. This is the birth to potty size, although they also offer a newborn version. The 2.0 retails for around £29 making it one of the most expensive nappies on the market.

Smart Bottoms 2.0

All of the Smart Bottoms range is only available with a popper waist fastening. There is a double row of poppers, but no hip stability poppers or overlap. I don’t find I miss the hip popper on this nappy. And I find the waist is quite small on the tightest setting and I think you are more likely to struggle to get the length to fit a small baby than the waist. The waist poppers go right to the edges of the waist panel, giving good flexibility on the size for older children. I do find the poppers really stiff on this nappy, so worth considering if yourself or another caregiver has issues with their hands.

The rise poppers are in three columns which I prefer. The nappy is narrow between the legs which I like as it provides a great fit. With the three columns of rise poppers spaced across the narrow front I find it really holds its shape well. The nappy is very long in the length. On my tall toddler we are still on the shortest rise, although it does seem to magically fit my 6-month old niece on the same rise setting. I have no concerns about this lasting until potty training, but as I said above you may find it difficult to fit on a short baby.

Back of the Smart Bottoms 2.0

There are rolled leg elastics, which again I really like as they are gentle on the skin. And the back elastic is a little wider than average which I also prefer. However I don’t like the PUL of the nappy. Whilst it works well, it doesn’t feel particularly silky and is even a bit noisy.

Rolled leg elastics on the Smart Bottoms 2.0

Inside there is a PUL tummy panel to prevent leaks, and a piece across the back too. The shell is lined with 2-layers of hemp:organic cotton blend (55:45). You also get an additional snake booster, which is 4-layers hemp:organic cotton. The booster can either be snapped to the shell and laid into the nappy (see link on boosters above to find the best way to fold for your baby), or inserted into the front pocket opening. Neither the shell or booster offer a stay-dry layer so if you want your baby to feel dry then you will need to add a liner.

Inside the Smart Bottoms 2.0

The nappy is very slim, probably one of the slimmest I’ve tried. But I do find the absorbency offered is insufficient. I need to boost the nappy further. To do this I add an Easy Peasy hemp booster to the front pocket. But even then it is still a slim nappy.

Overall I have some mixed feelings about this nappy. It has a lot of elements which I really love in a nappy, slim, natural fibres, gentle elastics, rolled leg elastics, narrow between the legs, and a great fit. The downsides for me are the stiff poppers and the PUL, for the premium price I would expect something to feel a bit more luxurious. Plus it is disappointing to have to add an additional booster and a liner (which means additional cost) to one of the most expensive nappies.

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Smart Bottoms 2.0 review.