Preloved nappies

There are many benefits to buying preloved, and selling on your own nappies once no longer needed.

It’s a great way to grab prints you might have missed, but what other benefits are there?

  • Save money, preloved items should be cheaper. Which in turn might allow your budget to stretch to a more premium brand with better performance.
  • It’s more sustainable. Recycled fabrics and natural materials are all well and good, but the most environmentally friendly option is always what already exists.
  • Someone has already done the necessary prewashes. Yes you should do a strip wash on preloved nappies, but with some fibres needing 10 prewashes to build absorbency you will be saving yourself a lot of time.
  • You’re saying no to fast fashion. This is a complex one that perhaps warrants its own page one day, but by buying preloved you are supporting the slow fashion movement.