Pekpi Ai2 / pocket nappy

Pekpi are a new Australian brand (launched at the end of 2020). At the time of writing there are no UK stockists, although Pekpi do ship internationally. This nappy was very kindly gifted for review, but all views are my own.

It is officially an all in two (Ai2) nappy, but has the option to be used as a pocket nappy if preferred. The prints are particularly beautiful, soft muted block colours and some subtle prints. The outer PUL is very soft and silky. It is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles which is fantastic. All new eco products have an environmental cost in their production, and using recycled products helps to lessen that impact.

It is only available with a popper waist fastening. There are hip poppets and an overlap on the tab. The rise poppers are only in two columns. Normally I find this can effect the fit of the nappy, but because this is narrow between the legs it is ok. There is a really good range of size adjustment with this nappy, and it sizes down really small so a great option for young babies. The waist tabs are rather long so they wrap around the waist nicely.

Pekpi nappy.

The nappy has a thick piece of back elastic which I really like as it seems much more comfortable. It also has a double gusset which I don’t normally like due to sock marks, but these are actually very gentle.

Pekpi back.

The nappy comes with two inserts, an hourglass and an anchor. Each insert is 6 layers of bamboo. Both inserts have the option of attaching to the shell, and to each other for more absorbency. There are several different options on how you can use the inserts. What you choose will depend on how much absorbency you need, and the shape of your baby. I have personally found the fit of this nappy very difficult to get right on my tall, skinny baby.

I’ve found that I do need to use both inserts in order to get sufficient absorbency, my baby is an average wetter for his age (2 years). Using both with the nappy is a bit bulky, especially between the legs from folding the anchor insert.

Pekpi inserts.

The shell is lined with a stay-dry suede cloth. This has lightly bobbled but that is normal for suede cloth and does not affect the use. There is a PUL tummy panel. The nappy has two pocket openings, a front flap and a back opening which is also where the poppers are.

In terms of some options on how to use the various insert combinations, these are a few ideas to get you started:

  • For young babies you might find that just the hourglass is sufficient on its own. This can be poppered into the back of the shell laid flat (which will make you baby feel damp unless you also add a fleece liner), or stuffed into the pocket. Personally I like to stuff into the pocket but keep the insert poppered to the back.
  • If you need a bit more absorbency then the next step is to swap the hourglass for the anchor insert. The anchor needs to be folded in half due to its length, so this provides you with double the absorbency rather than using the hourglass alone. There are poppers on the wider part of the anchor so you can secure to the shell and either lay flat or stuff like before. However I have found I get better absorbency and fit by having the wider part at the front of the nappy, because I have a boy and that is where he tends to wet. This means I do not use the poppers, just stuff like a pocket nappy.
  • For extra absorbency you can attach the hourglass to the anchor using the poppers. This still gives you the top row of poppers free on the anchor if you want to attach to the shell. This can be laid flat in the nappy, or stuffed into the pocket. And again you can either secure the anchor to the back, or put the wider part at the front.

I do find that by attaching the hourglass to the anchor it makes it a little bit too long for the nappy. So you’d be better off putting the anchor in the pocket, and then attaching the hourglass to the shell rather than to the anchor. The hourglass can still be either stuffed into the pocket or laid flat. This is especially useful on the smaller rises.

I use the nappy with just the anchor insert, folded at the front. However I struggle to get even 2 hours out of that. It will often leak through the PUL where the insert is so wet. Adding the hourglass to give extra absorbency means I then struggle with the fit. With just the anchor we have a rise done up, but I have to fully open the rise in order to accommodate the hourglass, and even then I feel the fit is compromised. Having a bit of tummy elastic might help draw the waist back in, although it will still remain bulky, especially between the legs.

Overall the nappy is very pretty, and has some cute styling details. The PUL is very soft and the elastics gentle. The containment is excellent but the absorbency does let the nappy down a bit, and that combined with the fit issues I’m struggling with means this isn’t a great nappy for us.

You can also see this review, and many others, on my YouTube channel.

Pekpi review