Change mats

Washable change mats are amazing. The sort of change mats that come with your baby changing bag are often coated with a wipe-clean plastic. Whilst this makes them easy to clean they aren’t very practical in my opinion. Sometimes you’ll want to wash your change mat, especially if you’ve used it somewhere like a public changing table that didn’t look very clean. Mostly these mats cannot be machine washed so your only option will be to wipe it down.

The plastic surface also means they’re not absorbent. So if you baby has a wee during a nappy change the wee is going to both run off the mat, and soak up their clothes.

But washable change mats solve both these issues. As the name suggests, they can be quickly thrown into the washing machine time and again. They have an absorbent side so any little accidents are actually absorbed. This also means you can often save your baby’s clothes from getting wet too. Then they are backed with PUL to create a waterproof layer.

They have plenty of other uses too. Nappy-free time. Somewhere to sit your baby after swimming or messy play. Mini playmats. Seat Protectors. Mini picnic mats. The list goes on.

There is lots of variation on size, fastening and fabrics. From the menu off this page you’ll find some brands I’ve tried and what my thoughts are on each (Eco products > Change mats > then select the brand).

Top: Designer Bums (l), Tots Bots (r). Middle: Bambino Mio. Bottom: Modern Cloth Nappies.