True birth to potty nappies

Whilst most nappies will state they are ‘birth to potty’ (BTP) sized the reality is that really they have a starting weight of around 10lbs – significantly bigger than most newborns. Even at 10lbs I still found the majority of BTPs were difficult to fit and/or bulky, the leg seal was particularly difficult to achieve. There are a few birth to potty nappies which I have successfully used from birth. You’ll note that pretty much all of these are bulkier than newborn nappies but that is the compromise for not using specific newborn nappies. All the below brands (apart from Crackadaks and the Small Airflow) still fit my tall toddler when he potty trained at 2 years 9 months.

For reference she was 7lbs 8oz born. Dropped to 7lbs 6oz at day 5. At 10 days she was 7lbs 9oz, and 9lbs 13oz at 6 weeks. She has pretty much tracked the 50th centile for weight and height.

  • Charlie Banana – first tried around 9lbs. Quite wide between the legs but decent leg seal. Pocket nappy so was able to customise the absorbency and bulk.
  • Crackadaks OSFM – first tried around 8lbs and was a nice fit. Needed both inserts though which made it bulky.
  • Designer Bums OSFM – reasonable fit from birth. Started with just the snap-in insert, switched to just using the anchor at 4 weeks, then using both inserts from 6 weeks.
  • Easy Peasy Bumble (with Small Motherease Airflow). Tried at around 2 weeks, bulky but decent fit. Excellent absorbency.
  • Lighthouse Kids Signature – bulky between the legs but great fit around legs when first tried at 3 weeks old (under 9lbs).
  • Pekpi, reasonable fit from birth. Good absorbency with both inserts.

There are also some birth to potty nappies that whilst probably won’t fit from birth but should fit earlier than your average birth to potty nappy:

  • Bare & Boho, fit from 12 weeks although I think it would have fit sooner had I tried.
  • Close Parent Pop-in, fit from around 6 weeks (9lbs 13oz) but bulky (we needed both inserts as she was such a heavy wetter).
  • Tickle Tots AIO, as you’ll note from my review this needs some significant boosting which in turn makes in bulky but otherwise a good fit.