Cuddlebums only offer a pocket nappy at this time, and it retails for £7.50. It is only available with a popper waist fastening, there are a lot of waist poppers and it can look a little overwhelming at first. You have a double waist popper, a double overlap popper, and double hip-stability poppers (most nappies only have one hip-stability popper). The nappy is a PUL outer, and whilst the PUL works well it is quite thick and not as silky as some others.

Cuddlebums pocket.

The leg elastics and gentle and the rise are in three columns which is my preferred option. At 2.5 years old (and fairly tall) we still have one rise done up so I feel confident this will last us until potty training. The poppers on the waist panel are spaced right towards the edge giving longevity in the fit.

Cuddlebums sizing.

Inside the nappy is lined with a stay-dry suede cloth, like many suede fabrics this has bobbled from washing but it does not affect the use. The pocket opening is at the back and is elasticated on both the PUL and lining to help with stuffing. I do feel the nappy could benefit from a PUL tummy panel to prevent wicking leaks at the front, especially if you’re using the smaller rises which makes it more likely that the insert will push forwards.

Inside the Cuddlebums pocket.

The nappy comes with two 4-layer bamboo inserts. Using both gives us good absorbency but it is a bulkier nappy. But it is good to have a lower-cost nappy without microfibre. The inserts are also available separately for £3.50 each, normally I would recommend buying a few additional inserts to help bulk out your stash to cope with winter drying time. But as an entire nappy with two inserts is just 50 pence more you may as well just purchase new nappies rather than increase the wear and tear on them.

Cuddlebums inserts.

The care label in the nappy states that it can only be washed at 35c, but I have queried this with the owner who assures me the nappy can be washed at 40c.

Overall I think this is decent low-cost offering. There are a few tweaks I’d like to make to improve the nappy, but for the cost I think it is reasonable. I would particularly recommend these if you’re on a budget and need a couple of extra nappies to cope with winter drying time, or for childcare.

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