Newborn nappies

I don’t necessarily believe that you need specific newborn nappies in order to be able to cloth from birth. Although it depends on your baby’s birth size and growth rate (which you won’t know about in advance frustratingly!). My second baby was 8lbs born and gained weight really quickly. We were comfortably in a birth to potty nappy (Easy Peasy Bumble with Motherease Rikki) from just a couple of weeks old. However this isn’t going to be the case for all babies.

The most cost-effective method of using cloth from birth is muslins and a wrap (I’d recommend Motherease Airflow or Petite Crown newborn personally). But if you want to use a specific newborn system then you’re in the right place!

Newborn nappies come in a range of styles (AIO, Ai2, pockets, fitteds, and wraps). All reviews of specific newborn nappies will be linked from this page when published..

Bear Bott newborn.