Bebeboo Flex cover

The Bebeboo Flex cover is primarily designed as an All in Two (AI2) nappy. It is birth to potty size (approximately 10-35lbs) and there is also a very similar newborn version (6-13lbs), called the Petite Flex. Both versions are only available with a popper fastening. Bebeboo nappies are all bright colours. Mostly block colours with a few other bright prints thrown in.

Flex Petite.

Both nappies feature the Bebeboo label on the back. Although it obviously serves no functional purpose I do really like that as a design. And even better they’ve thought carefully about this and the stitching does not go through the inner PUL. It’s common to have leaks, especially with girls, if the stitching goes all the way through.

Flex back.
Back label close-up.

This review will concentrate on the birth to potty version as that is the one I have used on my own baby. However the Petite is very similar in terms of design and therefore I would expect the performance to be the same.

Flex birth to potty.

The birth to potty version (from here on just referred to as the Flex) features three columns of rise poppers. I much prefer this as I find the nappy holds its shape better, and you’re less likely to accidentally pull the rise open when putting the nappy on. The poppers on the tabs overlap to make a small waist if needed.

The edges of the nappy are covered with a satin-esque fabric. This is nice and smooth and has remained perfect after multiple washes. There is a double gusset on the legs to help with containment. I do find the leg elastics leave deeper sock marks than I’d like, I’m quite fussy in that respect, but certainly not as bad as some brands and they don’t seem to bother my baby.

Double gusset.

The waist poppers are in two columns, as mentioned above you can overlap the tabs for a really small waist. There are also hip-stability poppers. The front of the nappy is elasticated as well. I often hear this is great for tummy-sleepers however I do prefer nappies not to have this as I find it more difficult to get a good fit.

Flex poppers.

Inside is a typical AI2 design. The inside can be quickly wiped clean so it can be reused if only changing a wet nappy. There is a tummy PUL panel so inserts can be tucked under and it helps keep them in place.

Flex inside.

There are female poppers at the back and front of the nappy. These are designed to fit with both Bebeboo’s inserts or any inserts you might already have. My Buttons Diaper inserts fit for example.

Female poppers front and back.

As well as using AI2 inserts you can also use anything absorbent that you already have. I’ve successfully used this as a wrap over a shaped nappy. The downside of doing so meant that due to the bulk of the shaped nappy I needed to full open the rise so I’m not sure the nappy would last right up until 35lbs if using in this manner. But I do like the flexibility of use. You can also pad fold a prefold/terry and simply lay it into the nappy.

The Bebeboo insert set comes with two bamboo inserts, these are extremely absorbent. You get two different sizes. The larger fits nicely into the birth to potty Flex, whilst the smaller fits inside the Petite version. However don’t let that put you off as the smaller one can be teamed with the larger insert as a booster. I use both together for my very heavy wetter.

Bebeboo inserts.

Overall I rather like this nappy. AI2s are not my go-to (partly because my baby will always end up doing a poo and the whole lot has to go in the wash) but I do like the various ways you can use the nappy. I also think it’s great that it’s been designed to use other inserts so you don’t need to buy a whole bunch of stuff just because you’ve fallen for a print (possibly speaking from experience!). This makes it very cost effective too.

The overall performance in terms of absorbency (with the Bebeboo inserts) and containment is very very good. It also feels very well made and I’d certainly expect it to last for multiple babies. For me the only downside are the leg and tummy elastics.

Nappy kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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Bebeboo Flex review.