Larger sized nappies

There is a growing market of brands offering a larger sized version of their nappy. Sometimes referred to as ‘toddler’ sized. As children become later to potty train I think these are a really welcome addition to the market.

As well as suiting children who are a little later to potty train than their peers, they are also useful for children who are a little taller or chunkier than ‘average’.

Often these larger sized nappies are also available in a BTP version and so they are published from their corresponding nappy type (ie AIO section). Those that fall into the category of being available in two sizes I have linked below here for ease:

  • Chuckles Prima is available in a birth to potty size, and two larger sizes. The review is for the BTP size, but the larger ones are the same. You can see my comparison here.
  • Chuckles Trainers also come in a BTP and larger size. My review covers the larger size but both are the same.
  • Lighthouse Kids offer their AIO nappy in a standard birth to potty size (Signature), and a larger size (Supreme).