Which detergent should you use?

Firstly always check what your manufacturers’ guidelines state. They know best how to look after their nappies, and you’ll maintain warranty coverage.

Fiyyah Large wet bags, in Calluna and Purple Sage.

But here goes:

  • A loose powder detergent. Why? Being loose allows you to exactly control the dose. Powder is best as liquid detergents can coat fibres and affect the absorbency. Added bonus it’s plastic-free!
  • Something accessible. There’s no use choosing a detergent that’s only available from a shop 20 miles from your house. That’s not realistic or sustainable.
  • Something affordable. I’m aware that what is affordable to one is not necessarily affordable to another. You’re going to be washing nappies around 3 times a week for 2+ years, that’s a lot of detergent. The cost of washing page has some indicative costs for a range of detergents if you want to compare.
  • Other considerations. Allergies? Vegan? Cruelty-free?
  • For me cruelty-free is an absolute essential. Sadly most big-brand detergents test on animals still (or the parent company does). Most supermarket detergents are cruelty-free. Decide what aspects are important to you and research accordingly.

I’ve dabbled with quite a few detergents over my time I’m cloth. Trying things that others rated, things on special offer, things I liked the look of. But for the past two+ plus years I’ve stuck to my supermarket own-brand without any issues. It’s cheaper priced, cruelly-free, and I can get it with the weekly shop.