Two-parters: fitted nappies

A two-parter system is when you have a completely separate absorbent nappy, and a waterproof wrap. Each of these components can come in a a huge variety of different choices, and you don’t need to use the same brand. Instead you can mix and match to find a system that works for you.

Almost certainly you’ll need a two-part system if you want to use cloth overnight. But you can also use these for daytime as well, I did this very successfully for around 4 months, and even now I still use a two-part nappy first thing in the morning when my baby does some very big wees.

A two-part system is fairly cost effective. The wraps tend to be a little more expensive, but you won’t need so many of those. As long as the wrap isn’t soiled you can use it for around 12 hours, so that’s one for night time use and a fresh one in the morning for that day. During the day you can wipe the inside down when changing.

For the absorbent part you can either use fitted (shaped) nappies, or terries. Fitted nappies as the name suggests look just like a nappy, they come in a choice of fabrics and fastenings. You simply put one on and then add a wrap over the top. A terry is a large square of fabric, typically cotton but bamboo and hemp are available, which you fold and then fasten to your baby. Nowadays you can use nippas rather than the nappy pins of the past. There are absolutely loads of folds available to suit your baby’s shape and absorbency needs so it’s well worth doing some research if you like the sound of terries.

Nappy nippa.

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