Terry square folds

The folds are what puts most people off from trying terries, but they really aren’t difficult or time consuming once you’ve done them a few times. Plus you only need to learn one, and then just see how you go.

Jo fold.

You can even pre-fold terries before putting them in a box/drawer/wherever you store your clean nappies, so when you need one it is ready to go. This isn’t any more time consuming than stuffing a pocket nappy.

Here are a few videos on how to do some of the most popular folds, or see embedded videos below. If you aren’t sure where to start then I’d recommend the Jo fold as a good starter one. Honestly you’ll be a pro in no time.

Kite fold.

You need to know this fold for smaller babies or newborns – hit that save button now! The first step of folding the corners in reduces the size of the terry. You can overlap the corners more for an even tinier square, or move them out a bit for sightly bigger (told you terries could be customised for all sizes!). But knowing this first step is essential for newborns because you can do this whatever fold you’re using, just bring the corners in to make the terry a smaller square and then continue with your chosen fold. Jo fold is a pretty simple one, so perfect for beginners. If you’re still trying to decide on a fold then this could be the one. #februterry #clothnappy #clothdiaper #clothnappies #clothdiapers #reusablenappies #coucheslavables #pañalesecológicos #flatnappies #plenkoteka #tygblöja #terrynappy #stoffwindeln #pannolinilavabili #pañalesdetela #newbornnappies

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Jo fold.

a.d| The Gaynor fold is another favourite here. There’s a lot of central absorbency making it a good all-rounder. But what I like best is the fit, sitting high on the thigh makes it trim and also able to work with smaller cut wraps. I’m using a @muslinz here but it works just as well with terries, or any flats too. Have you seen the #februterry offers from @The Nappy Lady: Cloth Nappies? And you can use grace10 for a discount on anything else. Plus they have a competition! Post your terries and use #tnlterrychallenge to enter! #clothnappy #clothdiaper #clothnappies #clothdiapers #reusablenappies #coucheslavables #pañalesecológicos #plenkoteka #tygblöja #stoffwindeln #pannolinilavabili #pañalesdetela

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Gaynor fold.

Welcome back to #februterry ! I’m going to spend a lot of time this month showing you various folds, and explaining the benefits of terries. Can you believe this is now my fourth Februterry?! First up, bat fold, a personal favourite of mine. The bat fold places the majority of the absorbency between the legs. It’s kind of like a padfold with wings. This makes it perfect for flooders as you have a lot of fast-absorbing cotton in exactly the right place. But it’s also a slim fit and I really like it on newborns and small babies too. #flatnappies #clothnappy #clothdiaper #clothnappies #clothdiapers #reusablenappies #coucheslavables #pañalesecológicos #plenkoteka #tygblöja #stoffwindeln #pannolinilavabili #pañalesdetela #terrynappies #terrynappy

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Bat fold.