Lighthouse Kids Signature and Supreme

Lighthouse Kids offer their AIO in two different sizes, the Signature is aimed at babies 6lbs-32lbs (£18), with the Supreme covering 15lbs-55lbs (£20). Other than the sizing they are the same, so I’m reviewing them both together.

The Supreme is the green nappy (Algave), and the Signature is blue (Dusk).

L: Supreme, R: Signature.

Although officially over the weight limit for the Signature, at 35lbs, my boy still fits in it and I do prefer the Signature’s fit on him. We have the rise fully open, which makes in roughly the same as the Supreme when that has one rise done up. The Signature is narrower between the legs which I also prefer.

The nappy has a slightly stretchy PUL outer. Popper waist fastening, with overlap poppers and hip-stability poppers. The rise poppers are in my preferred configuration of three across. The leg elastics offer great containment, and yet are gentle on the skin, and the back elastic is wide which I also prefer – so its off to a pretty good start!

Back of the nappy, showing the wide back elastic.

Inside the shell is lined with athletic wicking jersey, which stops the PUL being in contact with your baby’s skin. It is great for warmer climates and is highly stain-resistant. There is a PUL tummy panel to help prevent leaks.

Inside the nappy.

What makes these nappies so unique is the insert. Termed a ‘book’ insert it is 4 layers of OEKO-TEX certified bamboo, topped with a fleece layer. When folded this gives you eight layers of absorbency. You can quickly choose between having a stay-dry fleece layer against your baby, or the natural bamboo. The added advantage of choosing the bamboo is that your baby will feel wet when they wet the nappy which can aid toilet training.

L: book insert folded with fleece against baby, R: book insert folded with bamboo against baby.

Another massive plus point for the book insert is the ease of washing and drying. There is nothing to un-stuff and re-stuff, the nappy can be thrown into the wash and once dry a simple fold makes it ready for your baby to wear. But as the insert isn’t really attached to the PUL shell, and is opened in half, the air can circulate much better to decrease the drying time. I will say that I do still find this fairly slow to dry, but I also don’t need to boost so slow drying is the price you pay for good absorbency.

Book insert.

At first I did find this nappy a bit tricky to fit, especially on the smaller rises due to the length of the insert. Here’s a couple of tips:

  • Shift the insert backwards a little towards the back elastic, you’ll find that helps shorten the length a little.
  • Place the nappy under your baby, then bring just the insert up and lie it against them. Then bring the shell up. A bit like how you’d fit an Ai2.

On the smallest rise you are going to have to fold the insert length ways to shorten. This does make the nappy a little bulky, but there has to be a compromise for something that can offer such a wide range of size options.

Book insert folded lengthways to accommodate using the smallest rise.

The Signature also comes with a small bamboo booster. It is very slim but doesn’t really offer much additional absorbency. I’d personally rather this just wasn’t included.

Bamboo booster included with Signature.

Overall I really like these nappies. They are an average price for an AIO, but I don’t need to boost (which effectively adds a few extra pounds to the cost). The materials feel high quality. I like two different sizing options as well. The book insert does make it a little more difficult to fit than some other AIOs, but I absolutely love the design because it has so many advantages too.

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Lighthouse Kids AIO review.