Bambino Mio Miosolo Supreme

The Miosolo Supreme is Bambino Mio’s new AIO nappy, I have already reviewed their previous version, the Classic, here. It retails for around £20 and all the materials are OEKO-TEX certified.

The outer PUL is really soft and feels like a more premium nappy. It is only available with a velcro fastening. The rise poppers are in two columns, I would prefer to have a third column especially as this nappy is fairly wide between the legs.

Bambino Mio Miosolo Supreme.

The Supreme features an external double gusset. I do prefer to have a single gusset and I find this one particularly frustrating as the outer elastic does not sit neatly on the leg. The inner elastic, whilst not harsh on the legs, could be made a little softer.

Supreme leg elastics.

The inside is lined with a very soft stay-dry cloth. Frustratingly the lining does not continue right to the edges around the double gusset, this leaves some of the PUL exposed which I worry is uncomfortable especially in warmer weather.

There is a small PUL tummy panel and the opening for the inserts is at the back.

Inside the Supreme.

The inserts are both attached to the nappy shell and can be snapped together to help with stuffing. There is also a small pocket to help stuff the inserts which can be useful to hold any boosters in place. The loops on the insert are to help pull it back out of the pocket when wet. I think it’s a shame that both inserts are attached to the nappy as using both is rather bulky and I do not think you’d need all the absorbency offered on a younger baby.

The inserts are made of a bamboo:cotton blend (around 80:20), each is 3-layers thick. By having the inserts able to be separated for washing and drying it decreases the drying time as the air can circulate more freely. Even so this is an incredibly slow drying nappy, probably the slowest nappy I have come across. But the absorbency is very good. I haven’t tried this myself overnight but I do see how it could work for some children, especially if you added a booster.

Supreme inserts.

Although the Miosolos are renowned for being a generously sized nappy, I have struggled with the fit. I always thought these nappies would last us until potty training but I hadn’t used one for around 6 months and in that time my toddler has outgrown them. He is nearly 3, tall and slim. Both the length is too short – which surprised me as it is a very long nappy. Also the waist is clinging on with the velcro tabs being right on the very edge of the velcro panel. There is a bit of space to increase the size of the panel which would help with the fit so it’s a shame this wasn’t made more use of.

Overall the materials of this nappy are a lovely quality and the absorbency is fantastic. It is priced just a few pounds more than the RRP of the Classic Miosolo so on face value it looks like an ideal option. However the Classic is often available at a much reduced (50% off) price, and I feel this lower price is a more accurate reflection of what the nappy is worth. Therefore I think the Supreme is quite an expensive nappy.

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