Wet bags

Most people buy a couple of wet bags when they start their cloth nappy journey. They are one of those products that once you have them you wonder how you ever lived without them! Initially I thought wet bags were something I’d only have for nappies, and sell on afterwards. But now I see they will be with us for life.

Wet bags.

I use wet bags for storing dirty cloth nappies when out. It’s nice to have a couple of sizes so I can choose one for depending on how long I’m planning to be out. But in reality an empty wet bag takes up barely any space regardless of what size it is.

Recently I’ve swapped from using a nappy bucket to an extra large wet bag to store dirty nappies at home. For me this is making life much easier as I don’t need to clean the bucket every time I do the nappy wash. The wet bag can just get washed with the nappies.

I also use them to store toys and other small items in the change bag. For dirty clothes when out. For swimming trips (like how did I ever go swimming without one?). For snacks. The list is endless.

Essentially all wet bags are the same. A waterproof outer, often a hanging loop, normally a zip closure but sometimes a roll-top, and occasionally a separate pocket.

I’ve reviewed a section of the ones I have so you can get an idea of which features would be useful for you.


A mini wet bag is super small and designed to hold just a single nappy.


Small bags hold 2-4 nappies, ideal for longer trips out.


Holds around 6-8 nappies. At this point you normally get a pocket to store clean and dirty items separately. This size is particularly good for swimming kits.

Large/extra large

These make a great alternative to nappy buckets. I also use mine for beach trips.