Pocket nappies

When I first set about learning all the different types of cloth nappies I instantly dismissed pockets as ‘not for me’. I didn’t fancy all that stuffing. Actually they are probably my favourite type of nappy now as they are so customisable. You can ditch any inserts that don’t work for you and get the right absorbency in the right place.

A pocket nappy is simply a PUL shell with a stay-dry lining. They come in velcro and popper waist fastenings, and are typically birth to potty sized. The stay-dry lining can be fleece, faux suede cloth, or athletic wicking jersey – all do essentially the same job.

There will be a pocket opening between the lining and the PUL at one end (or both), typically the back but for some it’s the front. Again that doesn’t matter too much either.

Some pockets are sold without inserts, so you are only buying the ‘shell’. Buying without the inserts will be cheaper and then it means you can add your own inserts. Alva Baby for example don’t have great inserts but the pocket is reasonable so purchasing this way will save you money and stop you ending up with inserts that don’t work for you.

Most pockets will come with an insert (or two). This can be made from microfibre, cotton, bamboo, or hemp (or even a blend of fabric). Its also really easy to add additional absorbency to pocket nappies.

Typically a pocket nappy will be faster drying. For washing and drying you’ll want to remove the insert(s) from the pocket. This will allow them to wash better as the water can get through the fabric easier. And it will also allow them to dry much quicker. The pocket shell has no absorbency and so will dry really quickly, the insert will take much longer (and this will partly depend on which fabric it is made from). But by not having any PUL attached to the insert, the air can circulate and that will speed up drying. Another benefit of pocket nappies is that you can have a few extra inserts so you can use these in your pocket shells whilst you wait for the other inserts to dry, a cost effective way to increase your stash.

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I also use these all in two (Ai2) nappies as pockets, so if you like the style of a pocket nappy and want to try something different these could also be good options: