Washing machine maintenance

Why is it important to do a monthly maintenance programme on your washing machine? And how do you do it?

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Before we start I should confess that my machine doesn’t get the full works every month. Sometimes I’m just too time-short. I always run the maintenance programme, but cleaning out the filter etc. is skipped some months. Life is busy, do what you can 😊.

A maintenance cycle will:

  • Prolong the lifespan of your machine. Washing machines are expensive, and environmentally intensive to manufacture. Keeping yours is tip top condition will save you money (and hassle).
  • Removes mould, kills bacteria, prevents slime build-up, prevents smells, removes dirt residues, removes grease. And especially in hard water areas, removes limescale and calcium deposits too. A cleaner machine means cleaner clothes.

So how do you do it? Most machines will have a maintenance program, have a look in your manual if there’s not an obvious option. If there isn’t one then an empty 90c wash program will work (or 60c if you really can’t face 90c).

Then there’s a bit a manual labour:

  • Wipe any lint from the glass door to reduce fire risk.
  • Clean dispenser drawer, especially the fabric softener section which can gunk up easily.
  • Remove drawer and clean the jets in the ceiling of the compartment.
  • Wipe around rubber door seal.
  • Remove and clean filters.

Done regularly these tasks are quick and easy. Allowing your machine to dry fully by leaving the door and detergent drawer open will also help.