Bear Bott AIO

Bear Bott make a range of cloth nappies, some of which I’ve reviewed previously (Ai2, pocket, and newborn). Plus some accessories such as the change mat, and liners. I’ve also done a comparison video between this AIO and the Ai2 which you can find here.

The AIO retails for around £24. The outside is Bear Bott’s signature PUL which is really soft and silky, and the nicest I’ve ever experienced. It does give the products a real luxury feel. Like the rest of the Bear Bott range, it has a popper waist fastening. The edges of the AIO are finished with a PUL binding, one minor issue I find with this is that it prevents the waist tabs from lying flat, especially if you have the waist tabs meeting in the middle.

Bear Bott AIO in Blue Moon.

The nappy is quite wide between the legs, but it does have the rise poppers in three columns so the shape is held when shortening the nappy. Bear Bott advice this nappy will fit 9-38lbs (shape dependent). 38lbs is a slightly bigger weight range than most nappies, and I think that is probably accurate as it is generously sized, as is most of the Bear Bott range. However in my experience this isn’t going to fit from 9lbs. My baby first got this nappy to just about fit around the legs when she was 13 weeks old, I’d last had her weighed at 6 weeks when she was 10lbs, so by 13 weeks she was significantly over the 9lbs starting weight. But depending on the age and size of your baby, this might not be a negative as you do have the growing room.

There’s plenty of poppers on the waist panel for lots of sizing options. There is also a elasticated tummy panel.

Inside there are PUL panel at the back and front. This is a true AIO nappy in that the insert is fully attached and so it does not require any prep to use. This does mean a slower drying time compared to a similar nappy which has the insert separate, but if just depends what your priorities are. There are two insert options with the AIO, the stay-dry (pictured), or bamboo (which you can see on my Ai2 review).

The stay-dry is made up of 15% bamboo, 85% microfibre. If does not require a liner unless you want to add one. The bamboo version is made of bamboo terry so offers more absorbency (with a slower drying time), but your baby will feel wet unless you add a liner.

I don’t find the stay-dry version fast drying, because the insert is still fully attached. And because of the stay-dry lining it can be difficult to tell if the nappy is actually dry.

It has what I call a secondary gusset, so you have the elastic of the shell, and the elastic of the insert to provide extra protection from leaks. The secondary gusset is the only type of double gusset that I like.

Inside the Bear Bott AIO.

I’ve needed to boost this nappy right when we started using it. Boosting is very easy to do, there is plenty of space to tuck boosters between the insert and shell. Unboosted it is very slim, so even with a booster it should still feel like a slim fitting nappy. We do also need to boost the bamboo version, although it is a little more absorbent.

Overall I don’t really like the fit of this nappy on my baby. If fits differently to the Ai2 and pocket nappies. Whilst it is a slim fitting nappy it just feels quite big, especially the width between the legs.

The price point of £24 for an AIO feels about right, but for the stay-dry version, which is essentially microfibre, it does feel quite expensive. The bamboo version feels better value.

You can also see this review, and many others, on my YouTube channel.

Bear Bott AIO review