Peachi Baby

Peachi Baby just make the one nappy design, an Ai2 / pocket hybrid. They also have a range of accessories, and I’m a particular fan of their change mat. The prints retail for around £20 and the block colours around £18.

Peachi Baby cloth nappy.

The nappy has that ‘fits like pants’ style which I’m a big fan of. The waist poppers are in a single row which I also prefer, and there are three columns of rise poppers which I also like. At 18 months (average sized) my baby wears the nappy with the rise fully open and we’re at the point where the nappy will soon just be too short for her in the length. However it does size down really small and are a feasible newborn option. The waist and leg holes are pretty tiny. It will feel a bit bulky for a newborn but that’s the trade off with having a nappy that could last until around 18 months.

Inside the shell is lined with a stay-dry suede cloth and has a pocket opening at the back. Suede is prone to bobbling but this one hasn’t, it has stayed nice and smooth. There is a double set of front poppers to attach the smaller insert. You get two inserts with the nappy, a small rectangle and a larger anchor. Each insert is three layers of bamboo:cotton and each is topped with the same suede cloth to give a stay-dry layer. They offer good levels of absorbency. The inserts do curl up though which I find annoying.

Inside the Peachi Baby nappy.

There’s a few different ways you can use the inserts so have a play around and see what works best for you and your baby. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Snap the rectangle to the shell and stuff the anchor into the pocket.
  • Snap the rectangle to the shell and lay the anchor in the shell as well (either on top or underneath the rectangle).
  • Place both inserts in the pocket.
  • Of course you can just use one of the inserts if you don’t need the absorbency of both. This is especially useful for newborns (or smaller babies) where you can start with just the rectangle to give a trimmer fit.
  • When the rise is closed / partly closed then the anchor has to be placed with the widest part at the back of the nappy as there isn’t space for it in the pocket. But once you fully open the rise you can place the wider part of the anchor at the front if your baby is a front wetter which adds a little bit more absorbency. Although I have a girl she is very much a front wetter so I find this really useful.
Peachi Baby insert set.

The lack of PUL tummy panel is a shame. Because my baby is such a front wetter I can experience tummy leaks from this nappy and I do think a PUL panel would help prevent some of those leaks.

Overall these nappies have given us a lovely fit for the period of time that they have been bigger enough for her. I wish they were that little bit longer so they could have seen her through to potty training as then it would have been a true birth to potty nappy. That for me is the biggest drawback of them.

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