Bambino Mio swim nappy review

Bambino Mio are a popular UK nappy brand. They make two AIO nappies (Miosolo Classic and Supreme), and an Ai2/prefold and wrap system (Mio Duo), plus a range of accessories such as their change bag and change mat. I’m going to take a closer look at their swim nappy.

Swim nappies are just designed to catch solids in the water – that is true of both reusable and disposable options. The Bambino Mio swim retails for around £11.

They are a pull-up style and look just like a tiny pair of pants. They come in four different sizes to take you from birth to potty training. Pictured are the Medium (navy) and Extra Large (striped).

We started with the Small (birth – 6 months approx) and I first used this on my boy when he was around one month old (8lbs 1oz born). It was a lovely fit and he soiled the nappy in the shower afterwards and it was all contained. I liked the Small so much I went on to buy all four sizes for him. The Extra Large still fits him at 3.5 years, although he is potty trained they make a cute pair of swim bottoms.

The have gentle but effective leg and waist elastics, and the waist has a hidden drawstring to create a tighter fit if needed.

Being sized does make them more expensive as you’re going to need to buy additional sizes as your baby grows.

The inside is lined with a cotton Terry which is soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin.

Bambino Mio also have a cute range of accessories to go with their swim nappies. For example this rash vest which I’ve also really liked.

Being a pull-up style has advantages and disadvantages. I find them really good once your baby is able to stand, or at least stand whilst leading against you. It saves you having to find somewhere to lie them down. But it is trickier to pull-up on a very young baby. The major downside of a pull-up is if your baby soils the nappy. As you cannot unfasten it you are going to have to pull in down the legs which could potentially be messier. It depends how likely it is that your baby will soil their swim nappy (far more common in very young babies, although with three babies I’ve not yet had one poo in the water…).

Overall I really like these swim nappies. They look cute, are comfortable and have washed and worn really well. The only downside is that they are sized so work out more expensive than some others.

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Bambino Mio swim nappy review.