Types and parts of a cloth nappy

Blueberry Simplex in Pirate’s Booty.

There are a few main types of cloth nappies, listed below. I’ve covered each in more detail on their respective pages (click the links to take a look). But in summary:

  • All in one (AIO). A waterproof PUL outer with the absorbent part sewn in.
  • All in two (Ai2). A waterproof PUL outer with a separate absorbent part. The absorbent part will normally popper onto the outer. The outer can be reused multiple times if not soiled.
  • Pocket nappy. A waterproof PUL out with a stay-dry liner sewn in. There will be a pocket opening at one (or sometimes both) ends. Comes with a separate absorbent part which you put inside the pocket opening.
  • Two-parter. A separate waterproof outer (sometimes PUL, sometimes wool). With a separate absorbent part (sometimes a shaped nappy, sometimes a flat – think terries). Most commonly used overnight.

As well as the types of cloth nappies you might hear people talk about the component parts of a nappy, such as: