Seedling Baby Multi-fit pocket

The Multi-fit pocket is a birth to potty sized pocket nappy. Seedling Baby also do a range of swim nappies, wraps, and wet bags. Plus some nappies in a newborn size. The Multi-fit pocket retails for around £19.

Seedling Baby are an Australian brand with the nappies ethically made in China. All their nappies are only available in a popper-fastening, there is no overlap popper and no hip-stability popper.

Seedling Baby in Native Gum.

Seedling Baby have some of the most beautiful prints. Normally each print will come with the option of two matching bindings. The one pictured here (Native Gum) is also available with a pink binding (called Native Blush) for example. The binding runs around all of the edges of the nappy.

The multi-fit pocket has a double gusset on the legs. I’m not normally a fan of double gusset due to sock marks, but this extra gusset doesn’t leave sock marks. Although the leg elastics themselves whilst not harsh on the legs could be a little gentler.

Seedling Baby double gusset.

The overall sizing of this nappy is very generous. It would not be suitable for a smaller baby, but will be great for older babies. The rise poppers are just in two columns. I prefer a centre column too as it holds the shape of the nappy better, and stops the rise coming unpoppered when pulling up between the legs. However the poppers are very stiff on this nappy so the rise doesn’t come undone by accident at all, although the stiff poppers are inconvenient on the waist. The waist poppers are in two columns but diagonally positioned. The waist tabs themselves are long, allowing for a much larger waist if needed. I find the spacing of the poppers quite far apart and I struggle to get a good fit. Also although our setting is nearer the larger end of the waist, the excess tab material frequently pokes out of the top of the nappy. This does not cause leaks, it is purely a cosmetic issue, but frustrating.

Popper configuration.

Inside is fully lined with a stay-dry suede cloth so you don’t need to use any additional liners if you don’t wish to. Suede cloth is often prone to bobbling but the bobbling on this has been ever so slight, it is a good quality fabric.

Inside the multi-fit.

There is a good-sized pocket opening at the back of the nappy, although it is not elasticated.

Pocket opening.

You get two inserts with the multi-fit, the Diversifold a bamboo:cotton blend which is basically a prefold, and a small microfibre booster. The microfibre booster is very thin and doesn’t feel good quality. I have only used this once whilst waiting for the nappy to reach for absorbency, I no longer use it at all. My baby is a really heavy wetter and I find the Diversifold sufficient absorbency and I don’t need to add any additional boosters.

Inserts, Diversifold and microfibre booster.

The Diversifold has overlocked stitching across the fabric, this is to prevent it misshaping during the wash process, which is common for natural materials. The stitches also act as a handy guide for folding. Because the Diversifold is unfolded for washing and drying, it has a fast drying time which is impressive as it is incredibly absorbent too.

I tend to fold the Diversifold into thirds before stuffing into the pocket. I find this fits a little better and is easier. Although the nappy is deceptively wide between the legs and it can be simply folded in half if preferred. If you wanted to add the microfibre booster as well it could either be folded within the Diversifold layers, or simply placed on top and stuffed into the pocket. Remember microfibre should never be placed directly against baby’s skin.

Diversifold folded and microfibre booster.

I find the multi-fit a very bulky nappy, especially between the legs. I only need the Diversifold but it does add a lot of bulk.

Overall this is at the more expensive end of a pocket nappy. The prints are beautiful and it offers good containment and absorbency without the hidden cost of needing additional boosters. Despite the good absorbency and faster drying time I’m not a fan of the Diversifold, there isn’t a natural and obvious way to fold it. I use cotton prefolds in the majority of my pockets so I’m very used to having to fold inserts but this one isn’t so straightforward.

The stiff waist poppers are difficult to manage, and the fit is really not well suited to my baby. I personally think there are other pocket nappies on the market for a similar price point which perform and fit better for us.

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