Motherease Sandys

The Sandys is an iconic fitted nappy from Motherease. It comes in two main versions, the Stay-dry, which is what this review is for, and a regular version. The only difference is that the stay-dry version features an athletic wicking jersey lining. However the regular version does offer the choice between organic or standard cotton. The stay-dry version is only available in a standard cotton.

It is a sized fitted nappy and comes in three sizes XS (6-12 lbs £13), Small (8-20 lbs £14), and Large (20-35 lbs £16). There is also a Toddlerease version which fits from 35+ lbs. I have tried all three of the Sandys sizes. I would say the sizing is fairly accurate, but if you’re between sizes then I’d advise to size up. We used the XS almost straight from birth (7lbs 8oz) and it fitted well, I imagine it would fit down to 6lbs, depending on body shape, but I cannot comment on my personal experience. By around 8.5lbs we did go onto the loosest popper setting on the XS, but they still fit for a while longer. I’ve found with all three sizes that we tended to move to the looser poppers rarely quickly but they’ve still last well. At 12 months (22 lbs) we’re comfortably in the Large with plenty of growing room.

Sandys in XS, Small and Large (l-r).

As the nappy is sized there are no rise poppers on the front, you simply size up to increase the length. It is a side-fastening popper nappy. The tabs have separate rows for the waist and legs to allow you to adjust these independently to fit your baby’s unique body shape.

Side fastening.

The elastics around the legs and waist are all lovely and soft. They are frilled which makes them a little softer on delicate skin. The containment is excellent, helped by the front and back elasticated waist.

Elasticated waist.

The inside is fully lined with athletic wicking jersey, as mentioned above. This is a lovely soft fabric which creates a stay-dry layer so you don’t need to add additional liners if you don’t want to. It is a little delicate though and if velcro items catch the surface during the wash it can result in a little pull, although this is a cosmetic issue.

Inside the Sandys.

The absorbency of these is really good. I purchased the XS because I was really struggling with leaks in my newborn AIO-style nappies (see my newborn article). I could get 6-7 hours out of an unboosted Sandys, and she was still feeding every couple of hours at that point. As we progressed to the larger sizes and starting using these as night nappies, I began to need to boost.

I purchased some of the Sandys stay-dry boosters. These are the same cotton terry, with athletic wicking jersey on one side. You can lay them into the nappy, or place between the nappy and wrap. They come in two sizes Small (£4) and Large (£5). I purchased the Large which just about fit into the Small sized Sandy. Unless you’re specifically looking for a booster for the XS nappy, I’d recommend spending the little bit extra and going for the Large booster.

Sandys stay-dry booster (Large).

Now I boost with a Large Sandys booster inside the nappy, and an Easy Peasy hemp booster between the nappy and wrap.

(l-r) Small Sandys, Large Sandys booster, Large Sandys. All with athletic wicking jersey layer.

You will need a wrap to cover these nappies and provide a waterproof layer. For the XS I used both the Petite Crown newborn wrap, and the Small Motherease Airflow, both worked really well. I would go straight to the Small Airflow unless you’re expecting a very small baby. After moving out of the XS I’ve used Airflows pretty much exclusively because they are a favourite wrap of mine. For the Small Sandys I’d recommend a Medium Airflow, for the Large Sandys either the Large or XL Airflow.

Being sized has pros and cons. You get a better fitting, slimmer nappy. If you’re planning on using with more than one baby there is also less wear and tear on the nappies, meaning they’re more likely to last for subsequent babies. The downside of course is the additional cost as you size up.

Overall I really like these nappies. They’re comfortable, absorbent and well made. They work well for day time, and can be easily boosted for nights. I would definitely recommend them.

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Motherease Sandys review.